Contacts for Users

We strive to provide excellent support for every aspect of your experiment — prior to, during, and following your work at our facility. We invite you to contact Jill Berryman, Manager for User Relations, with any questions or requests that you might have.

Beam transport: Thomas Baumann
Data acquisition: Jeromy Tompkins
Safety Office, phone: 517-908-7123

53-inch chamber:

Dave Sanderson

A1900 fragment separator:

Tom Ginter

Segmented Germanium Array:

Dirk Weisshaar 

Gamma-ray energy tracking array (GRETINA):

Dirk Weisshaar 

CAESium iodide ARray (CAESAR):

Alexandra Gade 

Beta-nuclear magnetic resonance apparatus:            

Kei Minamisono

Beta counting system:

Sean Liddick

Digital data acquisition system:

Sean Liddick

High resolution array (HiRA):

Bill Lynch

Modular neutron array and large multi-institutional scintillator array (MoNA-LISA):

Thomas Baumann 

Neutron walls:

Bill Lynch

Neutron emission ratio observer (NERO):

Fernando Montes

Radio frequency fragment separator:

Daniel Bazin

S800 spectrograph:

Daniel Bazin

TRIPLEX plunger device:

Hiro Iwasaki

Ursinus College liquid hydrogen target:

Remco Zegers

Low energy neutron detector array (LENDA):

Remco Zegers

Summing NaI detector (SuN):

Artemis Spyrou

Sweeper magnet:

Michael Thoennessen