Zach Kohley

Welcome to the Kohley Research Group Webpage

My research interests are focused around using the extremely unique radioactive ion beams available at the National Superconducting Cylcotron Laboratory (NSCL) which is located on the campus of Michigan State University. My research group is mainly involved in 3 areas of study:

  • Dynamics of heavy-ion fusion reactions
  • Nuclear equation of state probed by heavy-ion collisions
  • Structure of nuclei at and beyond the neutron dripline

Contact Information:

Zach Kohley
Assistant Professor
National SuperConducting Cyclotron Laboratory
Department of Chemistry

Email: Kohley at
Tel: 517 908 7466

640 S. Shaw Lane
E. Lansing, MI 48824
Room 1016



Movie shows a simulation of a heavy-ion collision from the Anitsymmetrized Molecular Dyanmics model (AMD). Two zinc nuclei are colliding at ~ 25% the speed of light.