Boundary Between CI and EDF

A new method is proposed for combining features of configuration interaction theory and energy density functional theory.


Fighting for Subatomic Independence

The correlations of deeply bound protons with loosely bound neutrons is revealed to reduce the nucleon removal overlap.


Chaos and the Continuum

The unexpected results for the deviation of resonance widths from the expeted Porter-Thomas shape are explained by theory which contains coupling to the continuum.  The phenomenon is of general nature and it may influence all processes of signal transmission through a quantum system.


Search for the Three-Phonon Quadrupole

Theoretical predictions for gamma decay E2 strengths  in 62Ni are compared to new experimentsl results in the serach for evidence for decay of a possible three-phonon multiplet.

ni62 e2

Beyond the Neutron Drip Line

Predictions for properties nuetron unbound states in the nuetron-rich isotopes of oxygen are compared to recent experiments.

drip line

Islands of Shell Breaking

Regions of nuclei near the neutron drip line show that the traditional shell model magic numbers are often changed. The physics behind these changes is discussed here.

broken shell