Education at MSU and NSCL

Education and research go together, and as the largest nuclear science facility on an American college campus, it is no wonder National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory ranks #1 for graduate programs in nuclear physics by U.S. News and World Report. Michigan State University and the NSCL combine their strengths to provide an equation for success.

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Michigan State University is a rich academic environment known for the quality of its programs, its extraordinary diversity, and the remarkable achievements it has had—for nearly 150 years—in developing new knowledge and applying that knowledge to improve daily life. Not to be outdone, NSCL has paralleled MSU’s mission with major breakthroughs in the advancement of nuclear science.

Together, the two provide a unique setting where minds and passions connect, and great ideas take flight.

Whether you're interested in conducting research during your time as an undergraduate at MSU, applying for a graduate position in nuclear physics or finishing the long road to a Ph.D., NSCL can help you achieve your goals.