Seminar Details

Developments in High Precision Penning Trap Mass Measurements at LEBIT

Kerim Gulyuz, MSU NSCL/FRIB
Thursday, April 10, 11:00 AM - Research Discussion
NSCL Lecture Hall

The LEBIT (Low Energy Beam and Ion Trap) facility utilizes the Penning trap mass spectrometry (PTMS) technique, the method of choice for high-precision atomic mass measurements on both stable and unstable isotopes. High-precision measurements of atomic masses are of importance in nuclear structure studies, tests of the standard model, nuclear astrophysics, etc. LEBIT was successfully recommissioned in 2013 with rare isotope beam from NSCL’s upgraded beam stopping facility and is currently being prepared for mass measurements of iron and cobalt isotopes beyond N=40. To obtain increased sensitivity for beams with low production rates, reduce the measurement time that is especially important for the short-lived isotopes, and help in using the beam time more efficiently, we are in process of implementing some new developments in LEBIT program, such as a modified ejection optics with a position sensitive detector, a minitrap and single ion Penning trap (SIPT).