Seminar Details

Continuum Spectroscopy of Light Nuclei with HiRA

Robert Charity, Washington University, St. Louis
Wednesday, February 12, 4:10 PM - Nuclear Science Seminar
NSCL Lecture Hall

The High Resolution Array (HiRA) was developed as a collaboration between Washington University, NSCL, Indiana University, and INFN Milano. In this talk I will discuss its use in nuclear-structure studies of light isotopes via invariant-mass spectroscopy. In this method, particle-unstable levels of light nuclei (ground and excited states) are observed via the detection of their decay products. We have studied such levels with up to 5 particles in their exit channel. In the talk we will first discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this method. Next we will concentrate on the two-proton decay of proton-rich ground and isobaric analog states and their relationship to the two-neutron halo nuclei. Finally we will discuss what information can be gleaned from the correlations between the momenta of the decay fragments in 3-body exit channels.