Seminar Details

Microscopic Description of Large-Amplitude Collective Dynamics in Nuclei

Nobuo Hinohara, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Tuesday, January 7, 11:00 AM - Theory Seminar
NSCL Seminar Room

Atomic nuclei exhibit non-linear quantum dynamics in the low-energy region such as shape co-existence, shape transition, and fission. Developing a practical theory for non-linear large-amplitude collective motion based on a mean-field picture is a challenge in nuclear structure theory. I introduce microscopic theories of large-amplitude collective motion, emphasizing the treatment of optimal collective degrees of freedom for the phenomena. I discuss the oblate-prolate shape coexistence phenomena in proton-rich Se isotopes, the shape change in neutron-rich Mg isotopes near the island of inversion, and non-linear neutron-proton correlations in the double-beta decay nuclear matrix element of 76Ge.