Seminar Details

Development, production, test and installation cycle of ALPI medium and high β section cavities

Sergey Stark,
Monday, December 2, 11:00 AM - Special ASD Seminar
NSCL Lecture Hall

The part of ALPI upgrading program, based on the substitution of the superconducting layer of Pb with sputtered Nb in the medium β accelerating cavities(44 cavities, 11 cryomodules) and high β Nb sputtered cavities production(8 cavities, 2 cryomodules), was completed. The average operational accelerating field reached 4.7 MV/m in medium β cavities and 6.1 MV/m in high β ones. At present Nb/Cu cavities provide more than 45MV to ALPI accelerating voltage. The technology overview, cavity production, laboratory test, cryomodule assembling, installation and online test and conditioning procedures will be presented. The new capacitive coupler and cryogenic rf lines design will be discussed. A special attention will be given to the LLRF test systems hardware and software development.