Seminar Details

Fun with Nucleosyntheis: The Galaxy at Z=0.0001 and Z=90

Jennifer Johnson, Ohio State University
Monday, November 18, 12:30 PM - JINA Pizza Lunch
Biomedical & Physical Sciences Bldg., Rm. 1400

I will explore several new results about nucleosynthesis in the Galaxy and their implications for Galaxy formation, the structure of stars, and the habitability of planets. First, I will discuss the discovery of very metal-poor stars in the central regions of the Galaxy, recording the earliest phases of Galaxy formation. Next, I will exploit asteroseismology to place limits on He variations in NGC 6791 and exploit the known ages for halo stars to place limits on asteroseismic scaling relations. Finally, I will discuss the amount of thorium in planet-hosting stars and why it matters for planet habitability.