Seminar Details

Neutrino Physics on Ice: Measuring Oscillations and the Mass Hierarchy with IceCube DeepCore and PINGU

Tyce DeYoung, Pennsylvania State University
Wednesday, October 23, 4:10 PM - NSCL/HEP Joint Seminar
NSCL Lecture Hall

The IceCube Neutrino Observatory is the world's largest neutrino detector, instrumenting a gigaton of the Antarctic ice cap as neutrino target and Cherenkov medium. IceCube's DeepCore infill array, completed in 2010, is designed to search for dark matter and measure oscillations of the atmospheric neutrino flux in the 10-100 GeV range. Initial measurements of atmospheric oscillation parameters with DeepCore will be presented, and the prospects for an improved Antarctic low energy neutrino detector called PINGU will be discussed. PINGU is designed to achieve an energy threshold of a few GeV, which would allow determination of the neutrino mass hierarchy via the MSW effect with a few years' exposure.