Seminar Details

Introduction of Oxygen Free Copper of SH Copper Products for Accelerator Applications

Akio Kunishige, SH Copper Products Company, LTD.
Wednesday, June 26, 3:00 PM - Special ASD Seminar
NSCL Lecture Hall

Since SH Copper Products Co., Ltd. (SH Copper) first succeeded in mass producing Oxygen Free Copper (OFC) in Japan, SH Copper has been producing various type of OFC products. There are some types of OFC which are C10200, C10100, C10100 Class1, etc. Major applications of OFC are accelerators and parts used in vacuum because copper which contains high impurities, especially gas contents, contaminate the vacuum. Because SH Copper’s OFC contains low impurities and gas contents, it has been applied to various projects of particle accelerators and other vacuum applications. To achieve such low gas contents, SH Copper applied vacuum pump to molten copper. This time I would like to introduce SH Copper’ OFC focusing on test results of OFC in vacuum, past production and particle accelerator project record, manufacturing process and properties of OFC.