Seminar Details

Studying Fundamental Interactions in 6He

Alejandro Garcia, University of Washington
Wednesday, April 3, 4:10 PM - Nuclear Science Seminar
NSCL Lecture Hall

The nucleus 6He is one of the lightest nuclei with a large endopoint and for which ab-initio nuclear-structure calculations can be performed. It gives a good opportunity to understand some long-standing problems. For example, we have recently made an accurate determination of the halflife and extracted a value of gA in agreement with that from neutron beta decay. The renormalization of gA is at most a few percent for this nucleus. We will present data. We are starting an experiment to search for "tensor currents". These could contribute to the decay, according to models of physics beyond the Standard Model. Tensor currents have helicity properties that differ from the currents of the Standard Model. Measuring the correlation between the electron and the neutrino and the electron-energy spectrum can reveal them. Laser trapping provides with a way of holding the atoms with minimum interference for the determination of the decay-particles kinematics. The present status of this experiment will be described.