Seminar Details

A Talk in Two Parts: I. Gamma Rays from Novae & II. New Discoveries about the Hoyle State

Oliver Kirsebom, TRIUMF
Monday, March 11, 12:30 PM - JINA Pizza Lunch
Biomedical & Physical Sciences Bldg., Rm. 1400

In the first part of my talk, I will present preliminary results from an experiment recently performed at TRIUMF, where we used the doppler-shift attenuation method to determine the lifetime of a resonance in 23Mg that is known to dominate the 22Na(p,gamma) rate during explosive hydrogen burning in novae. I will discuss the challenges of the experiment and explain why it is important to reduce the uncertainty on the 22Na(p,gamma) rate. In the second part of my talk, I will switch to a completely different topic. I will present new experimental data on the three-alpha breakup of the Hoyle state in 12C, which allow us to put stringent limits on possible non-sequential breakup channels, and discuss the implications for the triple-alpha reaction rate, both in the s-wave resonance regime ('standard' helium burning) and in the non-resonant regime (low-temperature helium burning).