Seminar Details

Low-Energy Level Structures of Neutron-Rich Co, Fe, and Mn Nuclei Near N = 40

Sean Liddick, MSU - NSCL/Chemistry
Thursday, November 8, 11:00 AM - Research Discussion
NSCL Lecture Hall

The region around N = 40 below Ni is currently an active area both experimentally and theoretically in an attempt to understand the rapid development of collectivity below 68Ni as protons are removed from the f7/2 single-particle state. The dramatic drop in the energy of the first excited 2+ states and increase in the B(E2) values along the Fe and Cr isotopic chains has been well documented. To further explore this region, the low-energy level structures of the neutron-rich Co, Mn and Fe isotopes were studied through beta-decay. The interpretation of the experimental data suggests the importance of proton and neutron excitations across the Z = 28 and N = 40 gaps, respectively. Results from selected nuclei near N = 40 will be presented along with an outlook for future investigations.