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Ab-initio Green's function calculations of open-shell nuclei

Vittorio Soma, Darmstadt, Germany
Tuesday, October 23, 3:00 PM - Theory Seminar
NSCL Seminar Room
Please note the special time.

Ab-initio approaches - starting from the sole knowledge of a realistic nuclear force - aim at eventually achieving parameter-free predictions of nuclear properties. Although considerable progress has been made in recent years, with ab-initio methods extending their reach to the medium-mass region of the nuclear chart, structure calculations of medium-mass and heavy nuclei are still restricted to a limited number of (doubly-magic) systems. Besides the challenging numerical scaling, the main reason is the inadequate account of pairing correlations that is essential to any realistic treatment of single- and doubly-open shell nuclei. We present a many-body method based on Green's function theory in the Gorkov formalism that is able to tackle degenerate or near-degenerate systems, allowing for an effective description of pairing correlations. Such an approach is applicable to a much larger set of semi-magic nuclei, yielding for the first time ab-initio calculations of medium-mass full isotopic chains. The talk will introduce the context within which such calculations take place, describe the many-body method and present the first results of the Gorkov-Green's function approach in a set of selected isotopes.