Seminar Details

Practical Quantum Chaos, or Using Random Matrix Theory to analyze data

Declan Mulhall, University of Scranton
Tuesday, July 17, 11:00 AM - Theory Seminar
1221 A&B Conference Rooms
Please note the special location.

Abstract: RMT gives descriptions of the spectra of chaotic systems. One can compare the level spacing distribution and the so called $\Delta_3$ statistic with the results of RMT and get estimates of missed levels and intruder levels. In this talk a brief overview of RMT, and a thorough description of the $\Delta_3$ statistic, both aimed at the novice, will be given. Then a maximum likelihood method based on the $\Delta_3$ statistic will be described and applied to neutron resonance data and acoustic spectra of aluminum blocks. Time permitting, 2 additional problems will be described. The distribution of widths in a model of an open quantum system, and a general randomly-interacting boson model.