Seminar Details

Heavy Element Studies at LBNL and GSI

Dr. Jacklyn Gates, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Wednesday, July 11, 11:00 AM - Special Seminar
NSCL Lecture Hall

Heavy elements are produced at the rate of events per second down to events per month or year at high intensity, stable beam facilities. The facilities geared towards understanding the production and decay of these elements require high beam intensities on the order of 1013 particles per second and instrumentation or techniques capable of separating the product of interest from the beam and unwanted reaction products. The commissioning and improvement of such instrumentation is vital for increasing experimental sensitivity and pushing towards products with heavier Z. Here I will present i) the first heavy element experiments at the recently commissioned gas-filled separator TASCA ii) the subsequent efforts to understand particle trajectories of products of interest, beam and unwanted reaction products in TASCA in preparation for on-going experiments devoted to the discovery of elements 119 and 120 and iii) development of upgrades to the Berkeley Gas-filled Separator (BGS) that couple the BGS to a mass analyzer to allow for transportation of mass-separated nuclear reaction products to a shielded detector station on the tens of milliseconds timescale.