Seminar Details

Rare Isotope Beam Delivery at TRIUMF: from ISAC to ARIEL

A.C. (Colin) Morton, TRIUMF
Thursday, June 14, 2:00 PM - Special Seminar
NSCL Seminar Room
Please note the special time.

ISAC, the Isotope Separator and ACcelerator, is a high-power ISOL-type RIB facility. 480500 MeV protons from TRIUMF's main cyclotron, at beam currents up to 100 A, are impinged on thick production targets in one of two target stations, producing RIB by spallation and other processes (including fission in the case of actinide targets). These beams may be delivered to experiments at low energies (tens of keV) or post-accelerated to energies appropriate for nuclear astrophysics (at ISAC-I) or above the Coulomb barrier (ISAC-II). ARIEL, the Advanced Rare IsotopE Laboratory, will greatly increase TRIUMF's RIB capabilities. 50 MeV electrons from a new superconducting linac, currently under construction, will be used to produce RIB by photofission in actinide targets. The ARIEL target stations and low-energy infrastructure will be coupled to existing beamlines to allow these beams to be delivered to experimental locations at ISAC concurrently with RIB from the present facility. The amount of beam time available for experiments is expected to more than double as a result. The current states of ISAC and ARIEL will be discussed with a look towards the challenges anticipated with the move towards multi-user RIB delivery.