Seminar Details

Mean-field and particle-vibration coupling calculations: application to the nuclear Gamow-Teller transitions

Gianluca Colo, Milan/INFN
Tuesday, April 17, 11:00 AM - Theory Seminar
NSCL Seminar Room

In this seminar we shall briefly review the status of microscopic particle-vibration coupling (PVC) calculations. The focus is on consistent schemes based on nonrelativistic Skyrme forces, but we shall confront the results with those obtained by using covariant Lagrangians. Then, we shall discuss the application to Gamow-Teller states. We aim to devise a model which is capable to describe the energy position, the width, and possibly the quenching of the Gamow-Teller giant resonances. At the same time, in the calculations based on Random Phase Approximation (RPA) plus PVC, the GT- and GT+ channel are naturally coupled. Low-lying GT+ transitions in nuclei around the Fe region are of interest for astrophysical applications. Therefore, current results for GT- and GT+ transitions in 208Pb and 60Ni will be discussed, and open problems will be addressed.