Seminar Details

First observation of ground state di-neutron decay: 16Be

Artemis Spyrou, NSCL
Thursday, February 2, 11:00 AM - Research Discussion
NSCL Lecture Hall

The two-neutron decay of neutron-unbound states has been one of the most exotic decay modes along the neutron drip line. The two neutrons can be emitted in two sequential decays or they can be emitted simultaneously. The simultaneous emission has been of great interest due to the possibility of a di-neutron emission, similar to a di-proton emission at the proton-dripline. A recent MoNA/Sweeper experiment revealed the first observation of ground state di-neutron decay in the nucleus 16Be. 16Be is bound with respect to the emission of one neutron and unbound to two-neutron emission. The di-neutron character of the decay was evidenced by the small relative angle between the two neutrons and by the sharp relative 2n-energy. The 2n-analysis of the 16Be decay will be presented and the results on the 2n-separation energy will be compared to shell model calculations.