Seminar Details

Evolution of structure in exotic nuclei and its symmetry, - from lifetime measurements at NSCL

Hironori Iwasaki, NSCL
Thursday, February 9, 11:00 AM - Research Discussion
NSCL Lecture Hall

Exotic nuclei with very unusual proton-to-neutron ratios often show surprising phenomena, presenting important challenges to our understanding of atomic nuclei. The goal of present-day nuclear physics is thus to establish the unified understanding of nuclear structure for stable and exotic nuclei, by exploring the isospin degree-of-freedom of the shell structure and collective properties of nuclei. The present talk focuses on recent lifetime measurements at NSCL of neutron-rich and proton-rich nuclei in the vicinity of N = 40. The isotonic symmetry manifested in the shell quenching phenomena has been investigated through spectroscopic studies of exotic nuclei. The experimental results will be presented and discussed in terms of possible mechanisms responsible for the shell evolution along the N=40 line.