Seminar Details

Microscopic description of weakly-bound/unbound nuclei

Jimmy Rotureau, Chalmers University
Tuesday, January 31, 11:00 AM - Theory Seminar
NSCL Seminar Room

A lot of progress have been made recently in the development of radioactive beams and remote parts of the nuclear chart which were previously out of reach experimentally can now be explored. The nuclei located in these regions i.e. in the vicinity or beyond the neutron (proton) drip-line, have very different properties from the well-bound systems in the valley of stability. The presence of weakly-bound states, halo structures and strong coupling to the continuum are typical features of these exotic nuclei and require new theories to describe them. During my talk, I will present microscopic models based on the Shell Model formalism in which, the coupling with the continuum is taken into account to describe nuclei in these remote regions. I will show applications of these formalisms to exotic decay (two-proton radioactivity) and the study of the structure of nuclei close/beyond the neutron drip-line (Helium isotopes).