Seminar Details

DAEdALUS: A novel approach to the search for CP violation in the neutrino sector

Janet Conrad, MIT
Wednesday, March 21, 4:10 PM - NSCL/HEP Joint Seminar
NSCL Lecture Hall

DAEdALUS is a concept for an experiment to measure the CP-violation angle in the neutrino sector by producing multiple, intense beams of neutrinos from pion decays at rest. The proton drivers will be high-power cyclotrons. The experiment would be located near an ultra-large water Cerenkov or scintillator detector. We propose a 4-Phase program of accelerator development that allows for interesting particle physics results at each stage. I will describe our ongoing research. I will especially highlight Phase II, an electron-neutrino disappearance search using an isotope-decay-at-rest beam produced by a 60 MeV/amu cyclotron that could run at KamLAND or another large scintillator detector in 2016.