Seminar Details

Relativistic many-body models: spectral properties of exotic nuclei

Elena Litvinova, GSI
Wednesday, January 18, 4:10 PM - Nuclear Science Seminar
NSCL Lecture Hall

Recent extensions of the energy density functional approach use the relativistic framework in combination with advancements of Landau - Migdal theory for Fermi liquid in Greenís function techniques. The set of the developed self-consistent models is applied to shell structure and spectroscopic factors, isovector and isoscalar giant and soft modes, Gamow-Teller and spin-dipole resonances in ordinary and exotic nuclei. Compared to previously existing microscopic models, the quality of description of the nuclear structure phenomena is improved substantially. It is shown that microscopic nature, consistency and universality of the developed methods make them an ideal tool to interpret experimental data for exotic nuclei and to provide the nuclear physics input for astrophysical applications.