NSCL Publications

Polarization Transfer Measurements for the 13C(p,n) 13N Reaction at 197 MeV and Empirical Isovector Spin-Longitudinal Response for the 1/2- to 1/2+ Transition. X. Wang, J. Rapaport, M. Palarczyk, C. Hautala, X. Yang, D.L. Prout, B.D. Anderson, A.R. Baldwin, J. Olmsted, J. W. Watson, W. M. Wang, L. Van Heerden, E. J. Stephenson, R. Howes, S. Parks, E. Sugarbaker, and B.A. Brown, Phys. Rev. C 66 (2002) 014606.
doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.66.014606