NSCL Publications

Shell Structure Underlying the Evolution of Quadrupole Collectivity in 38S and 40S Probed by Transient-Field g-factor Measurements on Fast Radioactive Beams. A.E. Stuchbery, A.D. Davies, P.F. Mantica, P.M. Davidson, A.N. Wilson, A. Becerril, B.A. Brown, C.M. Campbell, J.M. Cook, D.C. Dinca, A. Gade, S.N. Liddick, T.J. Mertzimekis, W.F. Mueller, J.R. Terry, B.E. Tomlin, K. Yoneda, and H. Zwahlen, Phys. Rev. C 74 (2006) 054307.
doi: 10.1103/PhysRevC.74.054307