Graduate Program Ranked #1

The graduate program in nuclear physics in the Department of Physics and Astronomy has been named the best in the country by those who know the most about nuclear physics education – the department heads and directors of graduate studies at peer institutions.

The votes were announced in the U.S. News & World Report’s latest list of best graduate schools in America. The biennial report jumped the program from its 2009 second-place ranking to the top of the list beating out the previously top-ranked program from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

“This ranking validates our long-standing policy and practice of hiring the best individuals from around the world, giving them the creative freedom to succeed and having them interact with many of the brightest students and alumni,” said Wolfgang Bauer, chairperson of the Department of Physics and Astronomy. “This reflects the MSU leadership’s unwavering commitment to furthering excellence and investing in us and our science.”

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