Acceleration & Innovation Workshop Brings Industry to Lab

The Acceleration & Innovation Workshop took place on the campus of Michigan State University on October 8 and 9, 2010. Nearly a dozen companies came to East Lansing and watched online as experts from the FRIB project described research and development opportunities likely to arise through the design and fabrication of the nation's premier rare isotope facility over the next decade.

After these presentations, several of the company representatives shared their own research and development interests and opportunities. Information was shared, ideas were generated and potential partnerships were formed during the weekend's activities.

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After a tour of the laboratory and a banquet in the Atrium, the participants returned the following morning for several presentations from NSCL alumni regarding making the leap from a research laboratory to private industry.

Below is a list of speakers and the topics of their discussions. Each contains a link to download their presentation slides and the video of their talk. If you were unable to join us - or were in attendance but would like a refresher on the information - please take the opportunity to listen, watch and follow along as NSCL and FRIB accelerates nuclear physics innovation.

**Note: For best results, right click the link and choose "save as" or "save link as" to download the desired file.

Friday, October 8

  • Georg Bollen - FRIB Experimental Systems Division Director: Experimental Devices PPT File video
  • Felix Marti - FRIB Group Leader, Accelerator R&D: Accelerator R&D PDF File video
  • Chris Compton - NSCL Engineer: Superconducting RF R&D PPT File video
  • Andreas Stolz - NSCL Head of Operations Department: Diamond Detectors PDF File video
  • Dirk Weisshaar - NSCL Physicist: Germanium Detectors and Digital Data Acquisition PDF File video

Second Session

  • Giovanni Burgada - CAEN S.p.A - Viareggio - Italy PDF File
  • Ed Bonnema - Meyer Tool & Mfg., Inc. PDF File
  • David Smithe - Tech X Corp.
  • Wilhelm Mueller - Canberra Industries, Inc. PDF File
  • Gary Crawley - Marcus Enterprises
  • Peter Grudberg - XIA LLC PPT File
  • Rolland Johnson - Muons, Inc. PPT File

Saturday, October 9

  • Michael Mohar - Senior Principal Scientist, Noblis: Federal Applied R&D and Technology Transfer: Traversing the Valley of Death PPT File video
  • Clarisse Tur - Applications Physicist, Saint-Gobain Crystals: Challenges of Co-Development and Licensing Viewed Through Saint-Gobain Crystals
  • Wilhelm Mueller - Manager of Detector Physics and Modeling Group, Canberra Industries, Inc.: Industrial R&D: A Personal Perspective PDF File video