Videos from NSCL's 2009 User Workshop coming to YouTube

Held August 10-11, NSCL 2009 User Workshop included presentations on equipment initiatives for fast beam experiments, the ReA3 reaccelerated beam facility, and more. Videos of several of the presentations will be available in the coming days on NSCL's YouTube channel. The workshop's kickoff presentation by NSCL/FRIB director Konrad Gelbke is available now; Gelbke's slides are available for download here (PDF, 2.31 MB).

Gelbke kickoff, Part 2

Gelbke kickoff, Part 3

Gelbke kickoff, Part 4

Gelbke kickoff, Part 5

NSCL physicist Dirk Weisshaar gave a presentation entitled "GRETINA Preparations and Operation at NSCL." Weisshaar's slides area available here (PDF, 2.22 MB).

Part 2: GRETINA, Preparations and Operation at NSCL

Part 3: GRETINA, Preparations and Operation at NSCL

MSU Professor and FRIB Experimental Systems Division Director Georg Bollen gave a presentation entitled "The ReA12 Accelerator and Its Features." Bollen's slides area available here (PDF, 1.42 MB).

MSU University Distinguished Professor and FRIB Chief Scientist Brad Sherrill gave a presentation entitled "Scientific Reasons for the ReA3 to ReA12 Upgrade." Sherrill's slides area available here (PDF, 1.47 MB).

Part 2: Scientific Reasons for the ReA3 to ReA12 Upgrade