Recap of Summer 2009 PAN Program

This summer, NSCL/JINA sponsored the 16th annual Physics of Atomic Nuclei program. Hosting a record eighteen teachers from August 2-7 and 24 students from August 9-14, PAN offered all participants a unique look at research in a national laboratory. Faculty, staff, and students volunteered their time to provide an overview of nuclear science and experience using the MoNA detector. PAN participants had the following to say about their time at NSCL.

"Thank you for letting us meet the people who were kind enough to lecture us about what is happening in the world of nuclear physics. Everyone was so generous with their time, and I came away awed by the conversations I got to have."

"While I learned a lot of new information about atomic nuclei, the main thing that I am most coming away with from the program was the fantastic
people who work [at NSCL]."

"PAN has really gotten me excited about physics and research. Now I know that I could work in a lab and thoroughly enjoy it."