NSCL 2008 User Workshop

More than 120 users attended the NSCL User Workshop, held June 2, 2008 at MSU. The meeting featured presentations and discussions on proposed new instrumentation, including the implementation of the gamma detector array GRETINA at NSCL and also the new reaccelerator that will allow for world-unique experiments with stopped and reaccelerated beams by 2010. A recommendation from the 2007 User Workshop played a major part in MSU’s decision to fund NSCL's new experimental area (10,000 sq ft., construction to be completed by Q2 2009), which is being built along with the new linear accelerator for low-energy research. The new experimental area will allow users to design and build cutting-edge instrumentation, including a laser spectroscopy system, a time projection chamber, an array for nuclear astrophysics studies with exotic nuclei (ANASEN), and a precision recoil separator.