Filomena Nunes earns Elsevier Foundation award

Filomena Nunes, NSCL assistant professor, has received a 2007 Elsevier Foundation award for her contributions to rare isotope research. The globally competitive award recognizes excellence in scholarship across all science disciplines.

Nunes, who joined NSCL in 2003, concentrates on refining the complex theories that explain nuclear reactions. These reactions, she wrote in her proposal, “offer the most diverse methods to probe nuclear structure at the limits of stability.” The $10,000 award will support Nunes’ efforts to present her work to the international science community and collaborate with other leading theorists.

Created in 2002, the Elsevier Foundation makes grants and contributions throughout the world. One of the foundation’s goals is to promote excellence in science, technology and mathematics research.

NSCL is a world-leading laboratory for rare isotope research and nuclear science education.

- Geoff Koch, April 10, 2007