Photographs of Dr. Bement's visit to the NSCL

Photgraph of Dr. Arden Bement listening to graduate student Jill Pinter explaining her research.
Jill Pinter, a chemistry doctoral student studying at the NSCL discusses her research on magnetic moment measurements with Bement during an afternoon poster session. Education is central to the mission of the NSCL, which helps educate 10 percent of the nation's nuclear nuclear science Ph.D.'s. Students at the NSCL complete their doctorates 1.5 years faster than the national average for nuclear science Ph.D. students.

Photgraph of Rep. Ehlers with graduate students and postdocs.
U.S. Rep. Vernon Ehlers jokes with NSCL students and postdocs during the poster session. Ehlers, who holds a Ph.D. in nuclear physics from U.C. Berkeley, earlier challenged the group to find the mistake in his physics-themed necktie. Lindsey Hebeler (green sweater, partially obscured), a physics undergraduate working at the NSCL, collects on Ehlers' wager after correctly identifying a misspelling in the word gravitation on the congressman's tie. Also pictured: Jon Cook (red shirt), doctoral student; Daniel Galaviz (blue sweater), postdoc; and Carol Guess (purple sweater), doctoral student.

Photograph of Dr. Arden Bement, Dr. Konrad Gelbke, and Sen. Levin.
During a tour of the laboratory, Sen. Carl Levin (left) and NSF Director Arden Bement (right) listen to NSCL Director Konrad Gelbke (center) describe SuSI, a cost-effective and cutting-edge ECR ion source that uses superconducting coils to produce the magnetic field necessary to produce high-intensity beams. NSCL researchers designed SuSI in collaboration with researchers at LBNL. Fabricated at the NSCL, SuSI incorporates six solenoids to offer more flexibility in its magnetic field compared to other ion sources. This flexibility is important for facilities such as the NSCL that seek maximum beam power and efficiency in accelerating a variety of ions. SuSI's magnets will be tested near the end of the 2006 and should be commissioned and operational by spring 2007.

Photograph of guests during the visit of Dr. Bement to the NSCL.
The Oct. 26 celebration of the renewal of NSCL's five-year, $100 million cooperative agreement attracted federal elected and appointed officials and senior university administrators. From left to right: MSU Trustee Melanie Foster, Reps. Vernon Ehlers and Mike Rogers, MSU President Lou Anna K. Simon, NSF Director Arden Bement, NSCL Director Konrad Gelbke, Sen. Carl Levin, MSU Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies Ian Gray. The NSCL is "a premier laboratory...and is doing path-breaking work," Bement said in an interview earlier in the day.

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