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Tom Ginter
Beam Physicist
PhD, Nuclear Physics, Vanderbilt University 1999
Joined NSCL in November 2001
Phone(517) 908-7125
Fax(517) 353-5967
Photograph of Tom Ginter

I work with the A1900 fragment separator.Together with its detectors, the A1900 makes it possible to identify, purify, and deliver beams of the rare
isotopes which are studied at the NSCL. These rare isotopes are produced when the beam of some stable isotope accelerated by the cyclotrons strikes a target at the front of the A1900. Because the A1900 is located downstream from the cyclotrons where the beams originate and upstream from all devices used for performing experiments, all beam-based experiments at the NSCL involve the A1900.

My research focus has been the study of exotic nuclei using electromagnetic separators like the A1900. Before joining the NSCL, I worked with the
Recoil Mass Separator at Oak Ridge National Laboratory to study proton-rich nuclei, and I worked with the Berkeley Gas-Filled Separator at Berkeley National Laboratory to study superheavy elements.