NSCL Alumni Profile

Chris Ramsell
Senior Applications Engineer

KLA-Tencor builds metrology equipment for the Semiconductor industry. Metrology means to measure. These are very complex machines that can cost anywhere from $1M to $20M. We use the latest technology and a lot of physics to make automated measurments of film thickness, or 3D geometry, or electrical characteristics of gate oxides, or to locate defects, on the wafer, etc.

In particular, I support the Intel development site in Oregon, who buys our machines for use in their Fab. I am an Apps Engineer which means that I use the machine and interprit the data. I train the customer and communicate the customer's needs back to the Engineering and Software groups at the home office so thain San Jose. In this way I help to drive the development of our product.

KLA-Tencor is an excellent company to work for. They hire many PhDs and I am constrantly surounded by high quality knowledgable people. We work hard but we receive many benefits.