Audio: Voices of NSCL alums

NSCL's June 7 symposium on careers attracted more than 100 attendees, including several dozen alums from around the country. NSCL asked a few of these alums to reflect on their education at MSU and the subsequent trajectory of their careers. Here are just a few of the excerpts from those conversations.

MSU's NSCL is a world-leader in rare isotope research and nuclear science
education. It is the largest campus-based nuclear science laboratory in the nation and also a national user facility, serving more than 700 researchers in 32 countries. The lab has the second-ranked nuclear physics graduate program and trains ten percent of the field’s U.S.-based doctoral students, who finish one-and-a-half years faster than the national average.

MSU's nuclear science alumni excel in a wide range of knowledge-based
careers, from basic research in universities and national labs to
applications in medicine, computing, finance, and the chemical and
automotive industries. The lab also employs more than 100 students, most
of whom contribute directly to cutting-edge research.

Last year, more than 4,000 visitors toured the lab. Many were K-12
students and teachers, who brought fresh excitement for science back to
their schools.