PAN 2007

PAN students prepare a radioactive source for use in the lab.

PAN 2007 has finished! To learn more about what went on during the two-week program, browse the pictures, lectures, and student presentations below.

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Lecture Slideshows/Notes


Student group presentations

Photos from the program


Many thanks to the PAN Staff for making the program possible.

Program coordinators:
Remco Zegers, Hendrik Schatz, David McCreight, Mary Dewitt, Zach Constan and John Raguse

Ed Brown, Wolfgang Bauer, Kris Starosta, Scott Pratt, Michael Thoennessen and David Morrissey

Technical assistants:
Greg Pang, Heather Crawford, Andrew Rogers and those who helped in the Electronics Department

Tour guides
Wes Hitt and Carol Guess

Computer guru
Keith Eason

Scintillator guru
John Yurkon

Congratulations to all the teachers and students who participated in PAN this summer!