Welcome to NSCL

Welcome to the General Public section of the NSCL website! Though the lab is one of the few world-class facilities for rare isotope research and has been at MSU for more than 60 years, many people still aren't quite sure what it is we do here. So take a few minutes to explore the website and find the answers to your questions. You'll find a detailed history of the lab, information on the scientific experiments we conduct, the technology used to conduct them, news stories from the lab, opportunities to connect through tours and social media, and so much more.

Still confused about what it is the lab does? Try exploring our Interactive Map or watching this 10 minute video documentary about what happens at NSCL in the style of CSI. It's called, NSI: Nuclei.

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Physics Rap

Curious about what happens at NSCL? Learn all about the lab's activities through this science rap created by Kate McAlpine, a graduate of MSU currently working for New Scientist magazine. For a slower, less musical explanation, visit the Science and Technology pages.

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