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There are two options for users to view the NSCL Calendar.

  1. Use this website to view the Google calendar below.
  2. Click on the link at the bottom of the page to open the calendar in Outlook, iCal, or another calendar program that supports ics files. The calendar will then be updated automatically, and you will not have to come back to this website in the future.
  3. There are two separate schedules here, displayed on the same calendar view. Click on the arrow in the top right corner of the calendar to select NSCL Experimental Schedule, ReA Experimental Schedule, or both.

    To open the calendars in Outlook, iCal, or another calendar program that supports ics files, click on the links below.

    NSCL Experimental Schedule

    ReA Experimental Schedule

    NOTE: The above links were updated on 1/23/2014 because of a change in the way that Microsoft handles Internet Calendars. If you were already using the NSCL Experimental Schedule in Outlook, you need to delete the old calendar and click on this link again.

    In Outlook, these will be classified as an "Internet Calendars" and will be updated automatically, you do not have to click on the link again in the future. There are different "categories" for primary beam tuning (PDT), experiment (EXR), maintenance and development time (MDT) and maintenance shutdown. You can specifiy a color for each category in Outlook if you prefer.

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