Scheduling Timeline

Experiment Scheduling Sequence

Experiments are scheduled by the CCF Scheduling Committee following the sequence described here. Under exceptional circumstances an accelerated scheduling sequence may be possible, if the resources of the CCF allow this. All communications with users regarding scheduling of experiments proceed through the Manager for User Relations.

  1. > 6 months prior to envisioned experiment date
    1. Scheduling and Safety Questionnaire received at NSCL. The NSCL's support level for experiments is based on these two forms.
    2. Possible presentation to or conference call with NSCL staff to discuss experimental details.
    3. Agreement between spokesperson and NSCL on vault, setup, primary beam sequence, level of NSCL support.
  2. 6 months to envisioned experiment date
    1. "Ready-by" date established for NSCL support.
  3. 3 months prior to experiment date
    1. Scheduling of experiment after "Ready-by" date.
    2. A1900 Contact Person discusses detailed secondary beam sequence plan and A1900 configuration with spokesperson
  4. 1 month prior to experiment date
    1. If applicable, complete and submit Request to Ship Radioactive
      Materials to/from the NSCL
  5. 2 weeks prior to experiment date
    1. A1900 configured for experiment
    2. All agreed-upon NSCL supported parts ready, DAQ account established (unless requested earlier in Questionnaire)
  6. Starting 2 days prior to experiment and during the experiment
    1. Spokesperson of the experiment or a designee participate in the short-term scheduling meeting at 1:45 pm (Mon-Fri), by arrangement
      on the weekend.. If the spokesperson is not available, the spokesperson informs the Manager for User Relations of a