Assistance to Experimenters

  1. NSCL offers technical assistance compatible with Lab resources to users, for mechanical, electronic, and data acquisition needs when preparing for their experiments. All requests for technical assistance are initiated by the users submitting the form "Questionnaire for Scheduling Experiments." The NSCL provides information and design assistance to the extent that is compatible with its resources.
  2. Prior to their arrival at the NSCL, users receive a 5-page document entitled “Responsibilities of Experimenters at NSCL”. A copy of this document can be found online as well. The focus of this document is on the procedures that are to be followed just prior to, during, and just after the performance of the experiment. This helps both the users and the NSCL staff by communicating expectations from both sides.
  3. When an experiment is scheduled, a member of the A1900 group is assigned as “A1900 Contact” to coordinate the planning of beam delivery. This contact person discusses with the spokesperson of the experiment the detailed secondary beam sequence plan and A1900 configuration. During the experiment, the A1900 group provides sustainable coverage of up to 16 hours/day on weekdays for full beam delivery support and on-call support in the event of facility breakdowns on nights and weekends.
  4. For experiments using the supported major experimental devices (the A1900 fragment separator, the S800 spectrograph, the Segmented germanium array and the Sweeper magnet), the NSCL provides Device Physicists who tune the devices and make sure they operate properly. The Device Physicists also provide readout and analysis software for these devices. For non-supported devices, the NSCL provides contact persons who are knowledgeable about the devices and can be approached for assistance.
  5. During the experiment, Data-U displays show a summary of the running conditions, for informing the users and for getting their immediate feedback.
  6. Interaction between experimenters and NSCL Operations staff is facilitated by two brief coordination meetings held every work day at the NSCL: a general meeting at 8 AM and a beam coordination meeting at 1:45 PM. Starting two days prior to the experiment and during the experiment, the spokesperson of the experiment or a designee participates daily in both meetings.
  7. NSCL assists its users by helping them find convenient, low-cost accommodation in hotels, guest apartments, and dormitory rooms. NSCL users are eligible for a reduced rate at these area hotels. When booking the hotel, simply tell the receptionist that you are eligible for the reduced NSCL/FRIB rate. We also assist users with other aspects of their travel, e.g. by arranging for car rentals and pickups (by limousine or hotel van) at Lansing and Detroit airports.
  8. Some other facilities available to our users are:
    1. Desks with computers and wireless hookups;
    2. Offices for visiting graduate students and long-term visitors;
    3. Lockers for storing personal belongings;
    4. Access to MSU sports and exercise facilities.