Supported Windows Applications

The following applications are installed and supported on the Windows machines:

Adobe Acrobat Reader - Viewer for PDF files

Aladdin Ghostscript - Writer for postscript file types

GSView - Viewer for postscript file types

Internet Explorer - Web browser

LISE - Secondary beam production calculations

MSOffice Version 2000 - Including: Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access, and Frontpage

Mozilla - Browser

NCS - NSCL Control System files, including:

    Channel Logger: allows logging of channel values as a function of time to a file

    Chart Recorder: allows plotting of channel values as a function of time

    DDENCS: allows data to be imported into DDE-Aware Windows applications (e.g. EXCEL)

    PanelMate: allows operation of any control system element (e.g. gate valves)

SRIM Version 2000.39 - Energy loss and straggling of ion beams in material

Quicktime - Web video viewing

RAdmin - Remote control computer

SSH Secure Shell - Secure Terminal Emulator

Tcl/Tk for Windows - Writing and executing Tcl/Tk scripts

Tera Term Pro - Terminal Emulator

Winzip - Archiving utility

WS_FTP LE - File transfer Windows interface

X-Win32 - X Window System software application for Windows