NSCL/FRIB Open House 2013

Last Open House: April 20, 2013

FRIB and NSCL open doors to the community to show what nuclear science is and how our work helps solve some of the greatest mysteries in the universe. This event is your opportunity to look behind the scenes at one of the world's leading rare-isotope research facilities. Discover how our search for rare isotopes could help us understand supernova explosions and where the elements in your body came from.

What you can do at the Open House:

  • Tour the lab to get a look at our ground-breaking superconducting cyclotrons, cutting-edge experimental detectors, and plans for the next-generation heavy ion accelerator.
  • Sit back and enjoy some educational movies and science rap videos in "NSCL Theatre".
  • Talk with nuclear scientists and graduate students about their work on the frontiers of rare-isotope research.
  • Get a personal demonstration of superconductivity, radioactivity, cosmic rays and more.
  • Get some FRIB/NSCL gear!

Cost: Free!

Availability: Open to all visitors, no appointment necessary.

Directions: Download instructions for parking, then follow signs to entrance.

NSCL Contact: Zach Constan Phone: 517-333-6363 Email:constan@nscl.msu.edu

Scott Bustabad demonstrates electromagnetism to the crowd.

Nicki Larson and Gary Westfall explain diffraction.

Sasha Chemey talks to guests who are about to enter the K500 Cyclotron vault.

Zach Kohley explains how MoNA-LISA detects neutrons.

Chandana Sumithrarachchi points out a few rare isotopes on the chart of the nuclides.

Open House guests take in all the exhibits in the SRF area.