NSCL and MSU Welcome Our Community

At NSCL, we know that there's more to life than science. The picture of the hard-working researcher, technician, or engineer — head bent in concentration over her or his work, pushing the envelope of knowledge — tells only a partial story of our lives.

Like everyone else, we have personal lives and families, and we belong to a wide range of affiliation groups. We're part of a local community that helps us prosper and succeed. In return, we wish to contribute to enriching our community — educationally, socially, and economically. From intellectual and cultural resources to recreation to support services to the legendary Midwestern friendliness, our community — the community of MSU and East Lansing and Michigan — is part of our equation for success.

We take pride in being good neighbors and share the civic values of this beautiful, gracious community. And we like to share the wonders of our world of nuclear science with our community. It is this mutual give and take that makes working and living here so rewarding.